The BCMS System – A Quickstart Guide…

This is the first post intended as a ‘Quickstart’ guide to the new S.I.No.9 of 2014 BCMS system. It’s only my initial overview and is not a thorough step by step tutorial:

1. Go to

2. You’ll then need to register with a User Name & email address;


3. Go to your emails to activate the registration and set a password

4. You will then need to register your qualifications as Designer, Builder or Assigned Certifier

5. To create a new application click on: New Application:


6. Choose either:

New Seven day Notice Application or

New Commencement Notice Application

6. Below is screen grab for New Commencement Notice Application:


Complete as required & click SAVE

7. You will then need to give the project particulars:


Complete as required & click SAVE

8. You will then need to add the Documentation for the project; this is where you download and upload Commencement Notices etc… The principle is that you download the appropriate notice, print, sign and date an auto-completed notice. Then scan this document to be uploaded as your submission.


9. To submit the Building Regulation compliant specifications & drawings etc… you click on Add or Edit Document at the bottom of this screen

10. You then choose the supporting document type from a pull-down menu and upload the relevant file:


11. The final stage is to make the appropriate Payment:


This post will be updated with more detailed information, notes & comments as the system is implemented and we receive feedback. If you have any problems or comments in using the system, please Comment below…