Self-builder’s Letter to ISME & SFA: BC(A)R SI.9


Dear ISME & SFA –  Please forward this letter to all your Members:

I write to you regarding the new Building Control Regulations that came into effect on Saturday, March 1st.  I am trying to alert as many people as I can who I think may be affected by these new laws.  We must help each other in this difficult economic climate and we must be extra vigilant to issues that pose a threat to us financially.

We are self builders and my husband was hoping to construct our new family home on the family farm.  Our story was featured on Liveline, Morning Ireland and the Morning Edition TV Show on RTE. We hoped that Minister Hogan would defer the implementation of these regulations.  I have never come across a piece of legislation to cause so much confusion as these.

These new Building Control Laws (known as SI9) are extremely restrictive and will impose an extortionate amount of money onto the cost of an extension or new house build.  All construction must go through a Main Building Contractor –  (the days of hiring your own carpenter, plumber etc. are now gone under this legislation) an Assigned Certifier and a Project Supervisor must also be employed.

The Small & Medium Enterprise sector are the lifeblood of our towns and villages.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your determination and perseverance in providing the citizens of Ireland with essential services over the past few difficult years when at times I am sure some of you felt like ‘throwing in the towel’!  None of us need our Government to intentionally make life financially harder for us – but these laws do precisely that.

These new Building Control laws come in to play even for extensions over 40 msq. I know that many of you are probably thinking of renovating or extending your businesses in the near future (if the Banks will lend!!) so for this reason I feel that this issue concerns you.

Unbelievably, one week after these regulations were implemented, the Department published an amendment to them exempting Schools and Hospitals from them. One can only assume that the other Departments in our Government refuse to comply with such a strict and unjust regime of building control.

Self builders, have now set up an online petition, in the hope that we can have a Dail Debate on these unjust Building Control laws.  We need your help to do this by signing the petition and forwarding the Link to as many people as you think will be affected by these laws.

The Link to the Petition is Here

I would like to thank you in advance for your help.  This matter concerns all the Citizens of Ireland and I think we cannot let the centuries old tradition of building a home for one’s family disappear before our very eyes. These laws effectively mean that building a home in Ireland or extending your business premises will only be for the privileged few.

Regards to you all,

Amanda Gallagher

Co. Sligo


A copy of the  above letter was submitted to Breg Blog on 2nd April 2014

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