Bregs Blog: 75,000+ views!


75,000 Views! Another milestone

Only a few weeks ago on 29th March 2014 we reached what we thought was the incredible milestone of 50,000 views (see post here). As of Sunday 18th May at 18:00 hours we stand at 75,103 views. The appetite for information and news regarding the unfolding implications of the new building regulations is growing every week- 5,000 views last week, one day with well over 1,000 views.

With over 280 individual factual posts in 21 categories we continue to provide unbiased, factual information for the construction industry about the new regulations. As only 100 of the most recent posts are visible on the Blog so we will start making the archive of earlier posts available to readers next week. Thanks to all the team (twitter, facebook and blog), contributors but most importantly to you, our readers.

See you tomorrow at 6am for post no 1 as usual!

We are followed by members of key stakeholders SCSI, ACEI, RIAI, CIF, the Department (DECLG) and other numerous stakeholder and consumer groups. We are also seeing posts quoted in the public domain in both the Seanad and Dáil. We hope to continue to deliver factual based posts and opinion pieces and continue the debate. Huge thanks to all of our valued contributors and Social Media team for continued efforts to progress and inform the public. To celebrate we are giving the team the rest of the day off! (blog team only- twitter still 24/7)

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