Hot topic: Architectural Technologists and SI.9


One of the big issues that gave us over 24,000 views for May was the exclusion Architectural Technologists  from the register of competent professionals under the new building regulations.

From our first post with TD Mick Wallace’s invitation for submissions for the Dáil debate on 27th May, correspondence and questions sent to us in advance, to official policy statements and opinion pieces in the aftermath, interest and concerns have been wide-ranging.

An online petition organised by an Architectural Technologist in advance of the Dáil debate gathered over 500 names in 36 hours and broad-ranging supporters of an Architectural Technologists’ register (technologists, architects and other professionals); various statements and contributions following this have been very vocal on this issue.

In the two days surrounding the debate the blog received over 3,000 views, shattering all previous records.

If anyone has missed aspects of this discussion, or the Dáil debate itself, here is a summary selection of posts on the subject- they are listed in reverse chronologal order as they happened.

Contributors have highlighted Minister Phil Hogan had previously, when in opposition as early as 2010, queried the exclusion of Architectural Technologists (from the register) to the (then)Minister Gromley in the Dáil. 4 years on and many Architectural Technologists see no progress on this issue at all.

Summary of posts on this topic:

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