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The following email was submitted on 20th June 2014 by a  Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) member to the Blog. The email is an update to CIAT members regarding a proposed separate register for Architectural Technologists in Ireland. The Minister has opened negotiations with both CIAT and the representative body for architects (RIAI) on a separate register for Architectural Technologists. We are not aware of details of proposals or submissions made by the representative body for architects (RIAI) at time of writing this post.

Subject: CIAT-Operated Register for Architectural Technologists in Ireland

Dear member,

Further to the recent debate in the Dail we can confirm that CIAT has put forward a proposal to the Minster to operate a voluntary register for Architectural Technologists in Ireland with a view to it becoming statutory subject to ministerial approval,  to allow those competent Architectural Technologists on the Register to act as both the Design Certifier and Assigned Certifier alongside registered Architects, Building Surveyors and Engineers.

The CIAT-Operated Register will be open for all Architectural Technologists to apply, and is not just for Chartered Architectural Technologists.  This is an important distinction to make, and important for the TDs, Minister and Department to understand that we are not operating a closed shop for our Members only.

The intention of the Register is to be open for all “competent” Architectural Technologists to apply for registration.  It has been established to be distinct and separate to CIAT, and will be run under an Irish Registered Company. Chartered Architectural Technologists will not have to demonstrate any additional requirements to gain registration, although they will have to apply to join the Register and pay the necessary fee.

Other Architectural Technologists can apply but will have to satisfy the Register’s requirements and demonstrate the required competences, give their undertaking to comply with the Register’s Code of Conduct and pay the necessary fee and annual subscription to remain on the Register.

RIAI Architectural Technologists will be eligible to apply for Registration. However as the underpinning knowledge level of the RIAI Architectural Technologist equates to level 7 on the Quality and Qualifications Ireland’s (QQI) national framework of qualifications rather than that of the Chartered Architectural Technologist which equates to knowledge level 8 they will not be given automatic Registration on application (and compliance with the application process).  Moreover, we are working on what exemptions may apply to such applicants.

The Executive Board approved the introduction of the Register and we are now preparing paperwork and detail on the application process ready for launch in July.


Francesca Berriman MBE

Chief Executive

Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists


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