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Many recent readers will not be familiar with our January 2013 posts. Click on the following link and scroll through the second month’s posts we published- subjects are very relevant to many issues we are currently experiencing.

Click title: BREGS Blog Archive 3- JANUARY 2014

In this month we posted:

  • Hubert Fitzpartick of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF Director of Housing)  Director of Housing stated that on 1st March self-build will no longer be possible in Ireland. Listen to radio interview here.
  • Along with the CIF the representative body for architects (RIAI- another key stakeholder) had a crucial role in the implementation of this legislation. The  President of the RIAI Mr Robin Mandal wrote to  Minister Hogan requesting a deferral of SI9 on 15th January 2014 (See letter here).
  • The RIAI advised members this month: …members should be cautious …prior to accepting appointments as ‘Design Certifier’ or ‘Assigned Certifier’ …Note that the ‘Assigned Certifier’ role is a separate appointment to that of ‘Architect’ …
  • This month there were numerous Dáil questions regarding SI.9: Claire Daly and other TD’s asked should SI.9 be revoked? (see here); Pearse Doherty TD asked what was the financial burden of SI.9? (see here); Olivia Mitchell TD & Tommy Broughan TD asked about the status of self-builders? (see here)
  • More senior council advice warned of the onerous legal implications of the regulations and what was seen as “extraordinarily loose and vague” language- see post here.
  • The ban on self-building under the new regulations was explored. It was noted that the increased costs for a typical house could be upwards of €23,000 to employ a main contractor. This, in combination with additional professional fees, may put many projects out of reach of self-builders looking to enter the housing market. (see here)
  • We looked at the various sectors that were set to loose and gain under the new regulations. See post here.
  • A different way” is a professionals’ critique of the current system of building control by Michael Collins and Eoin O Cofaigh, both past-Presidents of the RIAI- see post here. Written with the benefit of extensive experience in the sector, it makes the compelling case for an alternative system of building control from the point of view of consumer protection.
  • The costs to the consumer of the new system and the cost of an alternative UK system was explored in two posts (see here and here). Based on the UK model it was suggested we needed only 270 experienced inspectors to provide 100% local authority inspections nationwide.
  • RIAI Council Policy with regard to the BC(A)R SI9 was adopted on 17th January 2014 (see here). Quote: “ We have asked (and we ask again) that the implementation date of the 1st March be postponed because systems and documents are not ready for implementation. Self certification as set out in the SI, especially in the speculative residential sector, cannot be relied on to protect householders. An appropriate system of LDI must exist alongside the Regulations, initially for the Residential sector. A statutory Register of Builders must exist alongside the Regulations. Legislation facilitating the putting in place of adequate enforcement mechanisms (including ADR) must be prioritised. The documentation relevant to the consumers’ (legitimate) interest in a building or property should be readily available.”
  • In “World Bank rankings & BC(A)R SI.9″ we wondered where Ireland’s rankings would end-up given the delays and lack of industry preparedness with the inttroduction of the `”blizzard of red-tape” and added delays associated with SI9. See post here.

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