Will SI.9 create “Defensive specifications”?


In our previous post “A warning from a concerned Building Control Officer” we noted the procedure for design certifier.

All revisions to design or specification, such as changes to branded materials, must be uploaded in advance of commencement of that phase of work on-site. Such E-lodgments of any new or changed specification must be made to BCMS by the person certifying the design i.e. the Design Certifier. We also noted that many specifiers and architects may be unaware that the role of design certifier also has site exposure, requiring monitoring and input for the duration of a contract.

This has implications when it comes to partial service appointments, traditionally on speculative projects where the architect/ design certifier is not retained for construction phase. The design certifier will have exposure to any and all revisions to specifications made by owner-developers in this arrangement, and should apply caution to all specification changes. The Law Society recently suggested these type of part-service appointments would be a thing of the past.

Many commentators felt that the real hidden costs of SI.9 would be in “defensive specifications”. These are increased specification costs where designers would invariably become more conservative by using branded materials and products only. Some suggest the additional cost of this more conservative approach to building specification could be in the region of 5% of the construction cost of a project.

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