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The following set of PDF interactive tools developed by Ray McNally of the OPW and presented at the RIAI CPD: THE ROLE OF DESIGN CERTIFIER IN THE DESIGN PROCESS – DUBLIN, 4 JULY. These were circulated to attendees on 8th July 2014.

The tools are interactive, based on yes or no answers to the questions, and are designed to be printed off/saved as un-editable PDFs to show that due diligence was used to reach the answer. These tools appear to be very useful and the OPW have agreed to make them available to RIAI members. Many thanks to the author Ray McNally for making these useful documents available to other professionals.

It is OPW policy not to upload details. Instead they upload GAs and provide a drawing register which says that additional information is available on request.

Extract off email with links attached to follow- PDF’s are quite large so will take a few moments to load onto your desktop:



The following links provide download access to the tools presented by Ray McNally on July 4th during the RIAI CPD Event “The Role of Design Certifier in the Design Process”.

There are two download options: the Full Version (72MB) contains a repository of Legislation, Regulations and Guidance Documents, while the Lite Version (36 MB) has these elements removed.

Full Version – RIAI Interactive Process Diagram [incl Document Repository] Rev A (72Mb)

Lite Version – RIAI Interactive Process Diagram Rev A(35.6Mb)


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