Part J (2014): Carbon monoxide detectors mandatory 1 September


Earlier this year it was announced that carbon monoxide detectors will be compulsory in all new homes from today 1 September 2014. The former Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan amended Part J of the Building Regulations following reports of ‘needless deaths’ when Senator Fergal Quinn brought forward proposals for the legislation. Seventy three people died in Ireland between 2000 and 2010 from carbon monoxide poisoning. (LINK: )

Architects and Architectural Technologists working on new build residential and changes of use in residential buildings must comply with the new TGD Part J that says that “reasonable provision shall be made to avoid danger to the health and safety of the occupants of a dwelling caused by the release of carbon monoxide from heat producing appliances”.

The Department of the Environment estimate that two detectors will add about €150. to the cost of a new home and that they will have to be replaced by the homebuyer every 5-6 years. This information should be put in the safety file for the homeowner.

More information is available at: (PDF download LINK: )

TGD Part J (2014)

TGD Part J (2014) .pdf


NSAI Carbon-Monoxide-Alarms.aspx

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