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Posted by Bregs Blog on 21st September 2014

As we are marking the first 1/2 year of BC(A)R SI.9 (and the introduction of SI.105), we thought we would relist some notable quotes from the first 6 months of the new regulations. Click on the link at the end of each quote for the source post-

I believe that the language which is used in the proposed amendments is extraordinarily loose and vague. In many cases the meaning if the certificates in their amended form is unclear… any lack of clarity is a recipe for disaster.” Denis McDonald SC 4 December 2013 (read full text here).

I cannot help but feel Environment and Local Government Minister Phil Hogan and his Department have failed utterly to learn the lessons of Priory Hall” Graham Usher former Priory Hall resident (read full text)

I am concerned about the potential for costs to be exploitative initially. The same thing happened in respect of the building energy regulations introduced several years ago… People were charged between €3,000 and €4,000 for certification inspections that cost €150 in the market. The professions have tended to jump on the bandwagon to exploit the customer for what they can get…” Phil Hogan 12 March 2014 (read full text here).

There are no new legal rights or remedies for consumers created by BCAR 2014” Deirdre Ni Fhloinn solicitor 14 March 2014 (read full text here). 

You are fully aware that all consumer groups were excluded from any key stakeholder meetings since mid 2012…You have stated your Department is in discussion with us and we have not risen any objections. This is a grave misrepresentation of our organisation and the interests of all self-builders in the Seanad. We would support any independent inquiry into these statements.” Shane McCloud, Irish Association of Self Builders 11 April 2014 (see full text here).

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professional bodies making outlandish quotationsnot allow any body to think this will be an easy way to financial extortion, make easy money” Phil Hogan 10 April 2014 (read full text here)

To be informed now by Mr Hogan that in spite of being deemed to be qualified and competent by the CIAT and the RIAI, I am now a “draftsman” and that “the new building regulations will make it more difficult for unqualified people to pass themselves off as construction professionals” is offensive and potentially catastrophic to the livelihoods of many Architectural Technologists” Brian Maher AT 16 April 2014  (read full text here).

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” The Minister’s system of Assigned Certifiers will crack up within the next couple of years… Does the Minister honestly believe the architect will employ someone to be on site continuously to check that things are done right?” Mick Wallace 17 June 2014 (read full text here).

The big elephant in the room again is that while the Minister has stated there is a facility for third-party checks, the major problem is the local authority lacks the facility, the manpower and the money to be a serious third party that checks to ensure everyone is behaving well.” Mick Wallace 1 July 2014 (see full text here).


There are penalties already under the new building regulations, everything must be signed off by a competent Assignee, who can only be an architect, a building surveyor or an engineer, and in signing off ON BEHALF OF THE BUILDER (our emphasis), there are obligations there and they have to stand over those” Tom Parlon 16 July 2014 (read full text here).

to have the notion of overturning these regulations is delusional… We must continue to think like a poet but also act like a professional” (Architecture Ireland). Ciaran O’Connor State Architect July 2014 (see pdf here: COC letter AI)

Our primary concerns with BC(A)R include:

  • Lack of appropriate independent oversight – to support those tasked with compliance
  • Absence of mandatory project insurance – in line with international best practice.
  • Inadequate timescale – to ensure the supporting systems and documentation are in place. This is why the RIAI called for a deferral”  Robin Mandal, President of the RIAI, 4 June 2014 (see full text here)

The Design Certifier certifies the design and the Assigned Certifier certifies the construction. These must comply in full with every aspect of the building regulations. There is no time limit on the certificate. This certificate is to everybody, about everything, for all time. And if an employee signs the certificates, they are liable in equal measure. This is all as clear as day” Eoin O’Cofaigh 12 August 2014 (read full text here).

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