Architectural Technologists + Architects | Parity of Esteem?


Dublin School of Architecture, Linenhall, Dublin 1

Architectural Technologists + Architects | Parity of Esteem?

The draft constitution of the Architectural Graduates Association (AGA) of the DIT School of Architecture would appear to be attempting to promote a spirit of industry inclusivity by proposing a united AGA that includes Architecture and Architectural Technologist graduates. The proposed constitution is to be voted on at an Annual General Meeting to be held at 6 p.m. this Monday 20th October 2014 in the School of Architecture, Linenhall, Dublin 1.

Approving this constitution would appear to go some way towards recognising the contribution that DIT Architectural Technologist graduates make to the architectural and construction industry that was inexplicably overlooked in the S.I. 9 legislation. This is a subject very dear to the hearts of the BRegs Blog readers which we are aware of from viewing statistics.

Other items on the agenda include the election of AGA officers and the nomination of the RIAI Council Representative. The AGM is open to all graduates of the Dublin School of Architecture.

Draft constitution PDF: Draft Constitution October 2014


At 6 p.m.

On Monday 20th October 2014

In the School of Architecture, Linenhall, Dublin 1.

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2 thoughts on “Architectural Technologists + Architects | Parity of Esteem?

  1. Joe Byrne

    Parity of esteem between architectural technologists and architects is an interesting aspiration, albeit one which has been bandied around for a long time now, and any move towards making it a reality is to be welcomed.

    I note that the AGA representative on RIAI council must be a ‘member’ or a ‘fellow’ of the RIAI. It would be important to check whether or not that person needs to be a ‘Member’ (MRIAI with a capital M), which ultimately means that he or she must be an architect, thereby rendering the whole process meaningless.

  2. Paul Lee

    I agree with Joe Byrne. The AGA representative should definitely be a non-member of the RIAI. I have rarely meet an Member who had an openly critical opinion of that organisation though i know many younger Members/ Would-be members that hold privately held criticisms varying from mild to outrage.


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