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Ireland via Holyhead

By bregs Blog on October 20th 2014

Following our recent post about Newry & Mourne District Council, we decided to travel a bit further- to Holyhead!*

Building Control in a Holyhead is delivered by  the Isle of Anglesey County Council (Link here).

This local authority  service “ensures that (Building Control) standards are met, by checking and approving drawings and calculations as well as inspecting work in progress”

In Wales, there are two methods of applying:

  1. the deposit of full plans
  2. the giving of a building notice

What is the difference?

Full plans

For a full plans application, plans need to be produced showing all constructional details, preferably well before you begin building. The application will be thoroughly checked by us, and we may request amendments to the plans prior to approval being given. We may add conditions to an approval, with your written agreement.

Building Notice

With the building notice procedure, the building work will be inspected as it proceeds. You will be advised by the building control surveyor if, at any stage, the work is found not to comply with the regulations. However, if we require any further information about your proposal either before the commencement date or during building, you will be asked to supply us with the details requested. You must feel confident that the work will comply with the regulations or you risk having to correct it at the request of the council”

And the fees? The Building Control fees for a single house are £200.27 for approval of plans and £391.93 for inspections, a total of £592.20 (approx. €725.00).

(Link to pdf here)

As we noted before, In Ireland the fee to Building Control for a one-off house is only €30. a fee that hasn’t increased since 1997.

The cost of a system of independent building control for Ireland will be expanded in future posts.

*Bregs Blog have a very limited travel budget.

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