Design Certifier | RIAI advise separate appointment

Dr. Philip Lee (Philip Lee Solicitors), Joe Millar (RIAI)

Joe Miller – RIAI  Practice Director

Design Certifier | RIAI advise separate appointment

The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) has recently clarified a key element of the new Building Control (Amendment) Regulations i.e. that the Design Certifier must have a separate agreement with the building owner (even if the Design Certifier is also the Architect and/or the Assigned Certifier).

Speaking to ‘Self Build & Improve Your Home’ magazine (link to magazine here– see page 130) RIAI Practice Director, Joe Miller, is quoted as saying that “while registered architects will continue to use the standard contract for their design services, the additional time and risk associated with signing off on the design could translate into additional costs. Indeed the RIAI is advising architects to use a separate appointment for the Design Certifier role (and if appointed as such, the Assigned Certifier role)” [emphasis by BRegs Blog]

Firms that are appointed corporately as the architects for a building project will need to name an individual from among their employees, in the separate appointments as Design Certifier and Assigned Certifier (if taking on these roles). For the professional this brings clarity to an issue that has caused much confusion since 1 March this year. This advice for a separate appointment (to that of the architect) coincides with similar advice issued recently by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland on the same subject.

However it may not bring much clarity to building owners who now have to make at least five* separate appointments for a simple domestic extension or commercial fit-out. They must be wondering why an initiative intended to improve on-site standards in the construction industry has in reality just meant more and more paperwork and increased costs.

*Architect, Design Certifier, Assigned Certifier, Project Supervisor Design Process, Project Supervisor Construction Stage and competent builder.

Jpeg of ‘Self Build & Improve Your Home’ magazine, p130


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