3 County Councils ask Minister to Revoke SI.9


“The BC(A)R train has left the station!”

3 County Councils ask Minister to Revoke SI.9 (1 of 4)

Wexford Co. Council recently voted to call on the Minister for the Environment to revoke SI.9. In an article in the Independent newspaper “Going through the motions at speed” on 30th September 2014, it was noted that the motion to “Revoke Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 – Statutory Instrument Number 9” was unanimously approved by Wexford Co. Council.

Wexford is now the third County Council to formally write to the Minister of the Environment formally to revoke S.I.9. Co. Wicklow was the first county council to do this (see post below). In April 2014 Wexford Co. Councillors voted to write to the Minister for the Environment to request that once-off houses be exempt form the new BC(A)R SI.9 regulations.

Sligo Co. Council went one step further and passed a council motion to formally write to the Minister to revoke SI.9. The motion “I, Councillor Thomas Healy, now table a Motion to call on the Minister of the Environment, Community & Local Government, Phil Hogan, to revoke the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 – Statutory Instrument Number 9” was passed on 7th July 2014. (see self-build post below).

There is widespread disapproval of former Minister Hogan’s Building Regulation S.I.9.  In April 2014, Fingal Councillors called for S.I.9 to be reversed (see previous post below).

Councillors in Dublin City Council and Donegal, Kerry and Kildare Co. Councils are currently discussing the effects of S.I.9 on house building. Numerous Co. Councillors have responded positively to the continuing nationwide campaign by self-builders confirming they will be taking the motion to revoke S.I.9 forward for a formal vote.

At a  recent EGM of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI), opposition to a motion to revoke S.I.9 appeared revolve around one issue- whether it was ‘appropriate’ to ask for this at the moment and if it might offend the Minister and his Department.

At the subsequent AGM of the RIAI, a meeting between RIAI CEO, John Graby, President Robin Mandal and Minister Alan Kelly was discussed. The impression given was that robust representations of members’ concerns somehow would be ‘inappropriate’. Proponents of this position previously suggested that asking for S.I.9 to be revoked would be like ‘blowing up the tracks’ and risking the minister’s door being shut in architects’ faces.

This silent acceptance of S.I.9, with all its obvious flaws, is not unique to the leadership and staff of the RIAI. It seems to be mirrored in other key stakeholder representative bodies, all keen not to upset the status quo, stick their heads over the parapet or voice members genuine concerns more robustly.

It is interesting to note a growing number of local politicians, consumer groups, Senators and elected members of the Dáil hold a very different view of the building regulations. Or ask any self-builder or Architectural Technologist what they think……

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