Top dozen posts | October 2014.


02 November 2014

We received over 21,000 views during October helping us pass the figure of 195,000 views since starting the BRegs Blog almost one year ago. New information on the practical impacts of S.I.9 on the construction industry came to the fore and our readers seem to appreciate our rapid response time to these unfolding developments.

Our top read post was the survey results on the Assigned Certifier. Thanks to the many people who participated in the survey – we re-posted it earlier today. The ‘topic’ of the month in terms of Social Media comment was the confusion around the area of cumulative extensions and the 40 sq.m. exemption from BCAR (still unresolved).  A prescient piece earlier in the month by two Past Presidents of the RIAI, Michael Collins and Eoin O’Cofaigh, on the complexity of our new regulations – the 38 steps for a standard warehouse project – went a long way towards explaining Ireland’s poor performance (128th) in the World Bank ratings for ‘Doing Business’ and cost of Construction permits.

Interestingly several BRegs Blog posts went mainstream with many economic and media commentators sharing them via Twitter. Thanks to David, Constantin, Glenna, Sean, Su, Frank, Karl and Rob for the help in spreading the word.

Don’t forget reading these dozen blog posts qualifies for CPD (unstructured) points! Enjoy!

  1. World Bank Report 2015 | Ireland’s poor construction regulations are the biggest drag on our ranking
  2. Legal Alert | Commencement Notices since 1st March 2014
  3. 3 County Councils ask Minister to Revoke SI.9
  4. Collins & O’Cofaigh | “the 38 steps” and the complexity of our regulations
  5. The Design Certifier Conundrum | Retraction
  6. Part L compliance – Who wants a building control service provided by cowboys?
  7. Design Certifier | RIAI advise separate appointment
  8. Architectural Technologists + Architects | Parity of Esteem?
  9. SI.9 costs for a typical house
  10. Commencement Notices – Update | 22 October 2014
  11. 60 new schools delayed due to SI.9 |
  12. UK and Ireland: Take a quick drive to Newry with BReg Blog…


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