SI.9 Cost for 2014 = 3 x Ballymun Regeneration Projects


BRegs Blog 25th November 2014

In a recent Dáil exchange the cost of the Ballymun Regeneration Project, over the five-period from 2008 to 2013, has been identified as €248 million with a further projected spend this year of €10 million. It has been one of the most ambitious regeneration projects in the history of the state.

By comparison, the cost of BC(A)R SI.9 to the construction industry, consumer and taxpayer for 2014 has been estimated at €700 million. This cost, for only one year, for a reinforced system of self-certification with no technical improvement in the standards of construction would fund almost three major redevelopment projects of this scale.

Is BC(A)R SI.9 worth it?

Link to Ballymun Regeneration Ltd. here. Quote from the Ballymun Regeneration Ltd. website:

“Ballymun Regeneration Ltd. (BRL) is the Dublin City Council company, set up in 1997, to plan and implement a regeneration programme which will result in a new town with new and improved facilities for the 30,000 people who will live there. BRL is working with the community to develop and implement the Masterplan for the physical, economic and social regeneration of Ballymun.

…The seven fifteen-storey tower blocks, nineteen eight-storey blocks and ten four-storey blocks of flats will be demolished. They will be replaced by at least 5,000 new homes in a variety of styles and sizes in five existing neighbourhoods.

Link to Dáil exchange here.


Department of Environment, Community and Local Government

Regeneration Projects Funding

All Written Answers on 12 Nov 2014

Dessie Ellis (Dublin North West, Sinn Fein)

157. To ask the Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government if he will provide a detailed breakdown in tabular form of his Department’s funding to the Ballymun regeneration project for each respective year from 2008 to the present and the future funding plans in place.[43366/14]

Alan Kelly (Tipperary North, Labour)

A breakdown of the funding by my Department to Ballymun Regeneration Ltd over the period 2008 to 2013 in respect of the physical, social and economic regeneration of Ballymun is set out in the following table:

Year Amount €
2008 75,000,000
2009 63,577,376
2010 40,001,618
2011 20,519,155
2012 30,000,000
2013 18,919,515
TOTAL 248,017,664

A capital provision of €10 million has been made available in respect of 2014. Drawdown of this funding is ongoing and is subject to the standard arrangements regarding the submission of claims. While it is expected that the housing element will be substantially completed this year, my Department will continue to support certain social and economic interventions in Ballymun over the medium term. Funding will be allocated on the basis of annual work programmes agreed between my Department and Dublin City Council.

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2 thoughts on “SI.9 Cost for 2014 = 3 x Ballymun Regeneration Projects

  1. Paul Lee

    Clients are often in a hurry to “get drawings” inquiries such as these I turn away as I know they’re not interested in getting the job done properly.

    The government were in a hurry to “get drawings” where SI9 was concerned, and they certainly got what they were looking for.


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