BCMS Alert | Last day for Christmas Completion!

BCMS Christmas 2014

27th November 2014

The Building Control Management System (BCMS) has just published a notice on its website with regard to arrangements for the submission of Commencement/7-Day Notices over the Christmas and New Year period (Link).


“BCMS will not accept the final submission of Notices during the period from midnight on [Sunday] 21stDecember 2014 to midnight on 1st January 2015. (Similar arrangements are being made for counter submissions). However, the BCMS site will continue to allow access to create and assemble Commencement / 7Day Notices up to submission stage. For Certificates of Compliance on completion you should liaise directly with your Building Control Authority to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made.”

This is a surprising development and not one that appears to have been referred to in the Building Control Regulations. It is further surprising that the BCMS did not utilise its ability to notify its 6,000 registered users of this early Christmas shutdown i.e. get the information to the relevant people in real time.

The implication of these dates, if you want a one day Certificate of Compliance on completion to be processed by the Building Control Authority and put on the Register BEFORE Christmas 2014 is that the Certificate of Compliance must be lodged on Thursday 18th December 2014 to ensure it is on the Register on the last working day [Friday 19th December 2014].

Accordingly you have to lodge your prospective Completion documents TODAY [27th November 2014]*

*This early Christmas shutdown supercedes advice given in a previous post: ALERT | SI.9 Christmas Completion Countdown


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