A new look for the BRegs Blog


A new look for the BRegs Blog

The eagle-eyed and faithful reader will have noticed a few changes to the BRegs Blog website over the last few days. We have been having a bit of a clear out for Christmas in order to prepare for 2015. The changes are designed to make the website more accessible, feature-rich and easier to use.

These changes include:

  • A switch from the free hosting from WordPress.com to the self-hosted WordPress.org variety. This allows us more flexibility in presenting data and greater depth in features and content.
  • A simpler and more professional domain name. The new domain is www.bregsforum.com A lot easier to remember than the WordPress.com version
  • A simpler and more professional email address. The new email address is admin@bregsforum.com

All of the content, links, images and statistics from the previous site are still there and fully accessible; all existing URL’s will also divert to the new address. The added benefit for the Blog is that all the effort in search engine optimisation and ensuring that the BRegs Forum his high on Google searches is not lost.


If you already have an email subscription to BRegs Blog you will continue to receive email notifications of new posts as before.  However WordPress.com followers will only see new posts in the Reader. WordPress.com followers will not receive email updates until subscribed to receive those on bregsforum.com (an email subscription widget is on the right hand side). This applies only to around 50 subscribers- everyone else remain unaffected.

The website is therefore undergoing a small period of re-organisation. If you do spot something missing, incorrect or have any suggestions, or would like us to add a feature then please contact us below:


Thanks to those who have already given feedback.


BRegs Blog Admin. Team

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