What’s happening with the RIAI? | Village Magazine

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What’s happening with the RIAI? | Village Magazine

The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) has published a link on its website to the December 2014-January 2015 edition of Village Magazine containing a scathing critique of the organisation, one of the main stakeholder groups involved in negotiations on SI.9. In a no-hold barred two-page spread, the Village Editor Michael Smith, depicts a professional organisation in crisis with a series of allegations being made in relation to the CEO, President and members of Council of the RIAI.

These allegations include concerns regarding:

  • The additional regulatory and insurance implications of SI.9 on “economically traumatised” professional design firms seemingly ignored by the RIAI Executive;
  • The lack of transparency and accountability with the CEO “lobbying the Government behind the scenes”
  • The CEO involved with “too many, sometimes conflicting powers”
  • The potential conflict of interest for the CEO through the crossover engagements between his son’s website consultancy firm and other stakeholder organisations involved with SI.9.

The above allegations are refuted by the RIAI President, Robin Mandal in the article. The matters raised by the onerous imposition of SI.9 would appear “to be a side issue in the debate over propriety” at the RIAI. However the above items raise a legitimate concern for the professionals being represented by this body and whether those tasked with renegotiating SI.9 have their eye on the ball when there appear to be so many other fires to be put out. The RIAI President, writing in its official journal last month, said that he looked “forward with relish to 2015, the year of change” without actually identifying what specific changes he envisaged. It would appear, if the allegations in Village Magazine are correct, that a top-down change is urgently required at the RIAI.

The 2000-word article referred to above is available online on the RIAI website in the “RIAI in the News section”- Link: here. (Jpeg is attached below).

BRegs Blog Note: The 2-page December ’14/ January ’15 feature referred to above is now available on the Village website- for full article click title Hackles RIAIsed. | Village

Village Magazine is also available from most newsagents (€3.95).


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