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You-Told-Us114 January 2015

The response to our 2015 Reader Survey was phenomenal. Almost 80% of email subscriber followers responded which represents a staggering level of engagement with this blog. Once again we are indebted to the huge number of you who also added comments to elaborate on your answers. Thank you all very much. The feedback received will make publishing the blog again this year so much easier.

The really good news result is that 88% of those who responded want the blog to continue in 2015 with the remainder split evenly between ‘Don’t know’ and ‘No’ at 6% each. It was interesting to note that all those who did not wish the blog to continue also responded that they rarely read it.


An impressive 25% of responders read ‘every single post’ (that is 788 posts to date!). However it seems 60 % of you would like to see less frequent posting with suggestions of a single daily post, a weekly summary on Saturdays when almost half of responders catch up and a post-free day on the Sabbath. That suits the BRegs Blog Admin. Team and this will be immediately implemented.


Sample comments:

“Best and most practical information source on SI.9 by light years”.

“Please continue publishing– I am not getting enough information from either the Government or professional organisations”

“The blog has made its point, has educated a lot of people and raised a lot of questions. For now ease off a wee bit – one post a day and Sundays should be free of emails! Keep up the excellent work”

“Thank you for the fantastic and interesting source of information, offering different views and perspectives. Happy New Year to you all!”

“I think the BRegs Blog has done great harm, by acting as a forum only for the views of the BRegs Forum to which I have been denied access to comment or contribute”*

*The BRegs Blog has published virtually every post it has received including those for and against SI. 9 and those posts of an impartial nature. The only posts that the BRegs Blog has declined to publish are those containing potentially libelous comment or unsupported data. If the person who wrote this comment would like to contact the BRegs Blog Admin Team again, in case there was any misunderstanding, please email:

The BRegs Blog has currently 1400+ email subscribers, Facebook and Twitter followers. If you would like to subscribe to receive automatic email links to new posts please visit the subscriber page (Link:here)

2 thoughts on “Results | Reader Survey 2015 – BRegs Blog

  1. Brian Maher

    well done to all involved. You have managed to connect and engage in a way that the so called professional bodies have failed. And you have done it on a shoestring unlike some others. Keep up the good work and try and maintain the pressure as it is now abundantly clear that this whole sorry debacle has only served to galvanise and support those unregulated architectural services practitioners many of whom are unregulated and in many cases uneducated while those registered Architectural Technologists are excluded. Only in Ireland and only in Europe would such incompetence be rewarded.

  2. Michael O'Neill

    Dear Building Regs Blog Team,

    I note two comments below.

    1. Frequency of Notifications

    In relation to the comments on the frequency of posting, while I am happy to receive them in real time, others may prefer a weekly digest.

    I suggest you offer a selection of kinds of notifications if you have not done so already.

    1. Real-time: 2. Daily Digest: 3. Weekly Digest: 4 Monthly Digest

    If this is not possible people can file them as they arrive and choose to look at them when it suits them.

    2. An Appreciation

    Thank you for all your good work to date and please keep it up.

    Without your Blog, most of us would be none the wiser as to the roles played by those who have brought this ineffectual bureaucratic desktop disaster of the Building Regulations 2014 to our professions.

    The level and quality off the submissions on this blog are outstanding when compared to what we are used to from professional organizations and government departments.

    Your achievement together with the quality of your contributors submission stands in stark contrast to the overpaid ‘advisors’ who are annually paid 90K + Euros by this government.

    Best regards and please keep up your great work.

    Michael O’Neill


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