SI.9 | Is change in the air?

Flogging26 January 2015

Sometimes the BRegs Blog feels as if it is the one flogging a dead horse in pointing out the problems with SI.9, as opposed to those who continue to  promote the legislation despite its shortcomings. Judging by the response to the series on the 40 sq.m. issue last week, it seems as if most readers are riding side saddle with us. We had the highest number of responses ever to our posts last week. We hope to publish a selection of these in the coming days.

Political sources indicate that the two Ministers at the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government (DECLG), Alan Kelly T.D. and Paudie Coffey T.D. are listening too and are actively seeking pragmatic solutions to the SI.9 scenario they inherited from their predecessor, Phil Hogan.

As we approach the first anniversary of the introduction of SI.9, in five weeks time, it seems even the officials at the DECLG have realised that many of problems with SI.9 are insurmountable with the most critical of these being:

  • The impact on housing production
  • The impact on building costs
  • The virtual elimination of self-build
  • The failure to address the completion of multiple unit developments
  • The lack of clarity over simple residential extensions
  • The failure to coordinate Completion Certification with the legal conveyance of property

Solutions are actively being sought at the DECLG in conjunction with the BCMS and Building Control Authorities around the country. The BRegs Blog is very proud to say that it has been doing its bit too, behind the scenes. At the moment the biggest challenge is seemingly to get the construction industry stakeholders (CIF, SCSI, EI, ACEI and RIAI) to agree to changes as some of these are concerned that their bite of the SI.9 cherry may disappear.

The BRegs Blog hopes that the indications of change are real and not a diversionary tactic as was the rumour of a proposed deferral of SI.9 this time last year.

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