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Denise Germaine

Denise Germaine MRIAI, MCIAT, ICIOB – Architect and Chartered Architectural Technologist

The BRegs Blog received the comment below from Denise Germaine regarding a post earlier this week. This concerned a letter in Engineers Ireland by Michael Collins FRIAI about the UK system of Approved Inspectors (Link: here). The BRegs Blog is happy to publish this clarification.

“I have read Michael Collin’s post with interest.

Having been a long-standing member of BRAB (Building Regulations Advisory Body) and having sat on two Task Forces which drew up the first recommendations to the Minister for strengthening the Building Control system, I can say that the ‘stakeholders’ were certainly not unaware of nor did they ignore the excellent systems of Building Control in the UK. In fact, we examined in detail the Northern Ireland system as part of our research. This type of Local Authority operated Building Control system was the first choice of BRAB but we were advised by the DECLG officials that there was no point in recommending this to the Minister as it ‘was not going to happen’ in Ireland.

Since the previous Minister [Phil Hogan] brought BRAB to an end in 2012, there has been no such semi-autonomous advisory body, with members drawn from all sectors of the construction industry, to advise the Minister and the Department on matters pertaining to Building Regulations and Building Control.

This is to be deplored.”

Denise Germaine:

Architect and Chartered Architectural Technologist; Ministerial appointee to the Building Regulations Advisory Board at the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government since 1995; Member of Technical Assessment Panel for the Architectural Registration Body (RIAI); Specialist Consultant to An Bord Pleanala on DAC Certificate Appeals; Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Auditing (ISO 9000) – 1998

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3 thoughts on “SI.9 | Irish solutions to Irish problems only!

  1. Brian Maher

    While it is widely known the former minister Phil Hogan was the problem. Witness Irish Water, Putting People First, NSS, Property Tax etc. however it is now in Minister Alan Kelly’s gift to change the system. Does BRAB or more to the point has BRAB submitted a petition to Minister Kelly promoting the Approved Inspectors route?

  2. Michael O'Neill

    Thanks to Ms Germaine for clarifying the role of BRAB.

    It is clear that she and her colleagues were appointed and tried to do their job.

    It is equally clear and a workable, equitable and intelligent recommendation was rejected by both the disastrous Phil Hogan and his civil servants.

    This is unacceptable behaviour by the ex-Minister.

    To be fair to Mr Collins, it must have SEEMED like there was no input from Stakeholders.

    Given that there was and it was rejected, the outcome is much the same for the rest of us.

    On one other point I would question Ms Germaine’s assertion of involvement by stakeholders,

    I had read comments previously that the solicitors were not involved in the current Regs.

    Is this a misunderstanding on my part, or has the legal professions been sidelined too?

  3. Andrew Alexander MRIAI

    The tools for implementation should match the objectives.

    The engine should match the car.

    The system in place obliges us to accept and implement every EU directive that roles off the presses in Brussels.

    If we stick with SI.9 we will be the proud owner of a Rolls Royce with the engine of a tractor.


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