DEADLINE TODAY | make your submission to the review of Building Control


15 May 2015

Don’t forget today is the day to make your submission to the annual review of BC(A)R SI.9. Submissions to be made to

The review of the S.I. No. 9 of 2014 formally began on April 2nd followed by an invitation-only stakeholder consultative forum hosted by  Minister Coffey on 15 April 2015.  Stakeholders have had the past month to follow up with a full written submission reporting on their experiences to date and recommending any further changes.  Written submissions are also invited from members of the public and industry in general, and should be sent to by today 15th May 2015.

See previous post: ALERT: Ministers Kelly & Coffey Commence Review of Building Control Regulations | BRegsForum

The last public consultation in 2012 on SI.80 (precursor to SI.9) received over 500 submissions, many of which never were made public.

The BRegs Blog is happy to consider all submissions, both supportive and critical, of SI.9 for publication on the Blog.

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1 thought on “DEADLINE TODAY | make your submission to the review of Building Control

  1. Michael O'Neill

    I made my submission today to the DOE in their Preferred Format. What a poor format an Excel spreadsheet is in which to make reasoned arguments which may at some point be used to create or amend legislation that governs the state. Do Senior Council make submissions to a High Court in Excel? No they bloody well don’t. This is another Lame Game by Kelly and the Mandarins in the Civil and Public Service to try and control the debate. Pathetic.


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