BRegs Weekly – Week 27

Week 27

03 July 2015 – BRegs Weekly – Edition 27

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The “27th” Edition of the BRegs Weekly is out now. Astute observers may notice that we jumped from Edition No. 18 last week to No. 27 this week. The latter number reflects the calendar week in the 2015 diary which is a more useful record going forward  than the chronological numbering based on our first weekly edition, published on 21 February this year.

The big news story this week was the fallout from the housing fire at Millfield Manor in Newbridge and its implications for public safety and building control regulations. We will be following up on this story again next week.

The BRegs Weekly e-zine gathers all recent social media discussions relating to SI.9 and the current review and recent developments regarding building control into one weekly digest. It is published every Friday lunchtime and gives a round-up of news highlights for the week.

We recommend signing up for an automatic subscription to keep up with the discussion surrounding the current annual review of the BC(A)R SI.9, and more recent media articles and stories about building control and the impacts on the consumer and construction industry.

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