First Responders | Engineers Ireland criticise proposed SI.9 reforms


10 August 2015

Engineers Ireland appear to be the first of the five main construction industry stakeholders to comment publicly on the SI.9 reforms announced on 31st July 2015 by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government (DECLG) . In the following article, published on their website on 5th August 2015, “Engineers Ireland response to the reforms of the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations SI.9 of 2014”, Engineers Ireland are critical of the DECLG’s plans to amend Building Control Regulations BC(A)R SI.9. Engineers Ireland are a key construction industry stakeholder and were involved in the formation of SI.9 along with the CIF, ACEI, RIAI and SCSI.

It is noted, at the time of writing, that  the proposed amendments to the legislation has not yet been published formally by the DECLG. It is understood that tomorrow may be the last day for its publication to meet the announced date of 1st September for its introduction.

Extract of Engineers Ireland article:

“Engineers Ireland played a significant role in the development of the amendments to the Building Control Regulations, along with our fellow institutions and the Department of Environment, with the final amendments being signed into law in August 2013.

Engineers Ireland welcomed the one-year milestone review which was promised as part of the original consultation process. “Having had sight of the proposals developed by Ministers Kelly and Coffey we expressed concern at the recommended changes to the Regulations and called on the Government not to dilute the amendments that were agreed and already in place,” it said.

It said that it appears that ministers have not taken on board recommendations by Engineers Ireland and other professional bodies “who were unanimous in their commitment to improving standards…

Engineers Ireland said that it will be writing to the DECLG to seek clarification on the reforms that are proposed to take effect on the 1 September 2015 and will update members as soon as we receive further information.”

Full article here: Engineers Ireland criticises plan to ease building regs

The submission by Engineers Ireland to the DECLG  Ministerial review of SI.9 may be viewed: here

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1 thought on “First Responders | Engineers Ireland criticise proposed SI.9 reforms

  1. Michael O'Neill MRIAI

    First Responders | Engineers Ireland criticise proposed SI.9 reforms

    So the engineers think the status quo is fine, do they? Have you ever seen teh exclusions on an engineers certificate?

    The liability attaching to both Design and Assigned certifiers demands perfection in The Design and The Built Work.

    No one person can assess the information required for this level of certification and the Guidelines admit this. No one can supervise everything or check every bought in component.

    Yet those who certify are expected to stand over everything, whether agrement certificates or components supplied from some former soviet bloc country or workmanship by some unqualified Mediterranean sub-contractor trying his luck in the Irish market and winning jobs by under cutting.

    I do not agree with the Ministers response for housing alone. Now we have technicians, not professionals allowed to certify. This shoots the whole process in the foot.

    A less onerous standard of certification with bearable liability was what was required. This current mess is a farce and is holding back Ireland’s economic recovery.

    Now in addition to that we face the spectre of half the houses built each year being under-specified and inadequately inspected.


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