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14 August 2015

Welcome back if you took some time off during the builders’ holiday. Despite it being a traditional vacation period (or because of) the BRegs Blog has experienced one of its highest viewing figures for the past month of July. The housing crisis continues to dominate the mainstream headlines with a real public debate commencing on the cost of construction versus development control standards.

  1. Minister announces changes to BC(A)R SI.9: The announcement of the outcome of the Minister’s Review of SI.9 was our most read post of the month despite the fact that this was made by the DECLG late on the Friday afternoon of a Bank Holiday weekend. Whether this was an attempt to bury the story or not it did not make a difference to our readers who gobbled it up. We will be following up the proposed changes to the flawed SI.9 legislation in the coming days.
  2. ALERT | Building regulations changes for Part E: SOUNDAs with all of our practical advice posts this one was popular. More regulations and more cost for the consumer in commissioning acoustic tests.
  3. Further questions over Newbridge fire-trap houses that have ‘no resale value’The Newbridge story makes for compelling reading as it demonstrates the outcome of light-touch self-regulation without any third party independent oversight. As the construction industry gears up for an accelerated programme of house building have we learnt anything?
  4. Getting Our Housing in Order | Vivian Cummins: This was an opinion piece form a rural-based architect highlighting further issues around the housing crisis.
  5. Practical Post 27: what happens when a certifier resigns from a project due to fees dispute: As with the second most popular post above the dearth of guidance and advice in relation to the implementation of SI.9 led to huge numbers of views for our practical advice tips. Please keep your posts and advice coming.

We apologise that we are unable to publish our BRegs Weekly today due to a software malfunction. We hope to resume normal weekly updates next Friday.

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