BRegs Weekly – Edition 33


21 August 2015 – BRegs Weekly – Edition 33

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Week 33 edition of BRegs Weekly is out now. The housing crisis rumbles on and this week saw reactions from key industry stakeholders and mainstream media to Ministerial statements about impending amendments to BC(A)R SI.9. Specific details of the new Statutory Instrument have not been released at time of writing.

The BRegs Weekly e-zine gathers all recent social media discussions relating to SI.9 and the current review and recent developments regarding building control into one weekly digest. It is published every Friday and gives a round-up of news highlights for the week.

The Bregs Blog continues to discuss issues relevant to the the current annual review of BC(A)R SI.9.

We recommend signing up for an automatic subscription to keep up with the discussion surrounding the current annual review of the BC(A)R SI.9, and more recent media articles and stories about building control and the impacts on the consumer and construction industry.

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