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09 September 2015

The BRegs Blog has received an extraordinary level of interest since publication of revisions to building regulations on 1 September, SI.365. As a result the BRegs Blog is undertaking an anonymous short 10-question survey (see link button to survey above/below) to assemble and quantify this feedback.

We strongly urge that as many readers as possible complete this survey.


Introduced in March 2014 SI.9 has since placed new obligations on professionals (architects, engineers & surveyors)  to inspect and sign-off building works. From 1st September 2015 under SI.365 owners of once-off houses and extensions can “opt out” of this certification process and reduce the increased administrative costs associated with BC(A)R SI.9.

Please complete our short ten question survey- remember it’s completely anonymous. The survey will close on Wednesday 16th September @ 22:00 hours.

Click button to access SI.365 survey. Many thanks.

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