2015 Bregs Blog Christmas Appeal


By BRegs Blog 24th December 2015 

BRegs Blog Christmas Appeal

This year we renew our invitation to readers to make a donation to homeless charities, see links below.

Hard to believe since our appeal last Christmas the plight of homelessness has gotten much worse, with over 1000 children in temporary accommodation at time of writing. We list a number of homelessness agencies and charities you might think to donate to today. Spare a moment to think of those less fortunate and donate to some of the great organisations listed below. Let us all not loose sight of the people and families that hide behind the numbers.

Congratulations to the CIFBigBuild CIF/ Peter McVerry Trust who did achieve their Christmas deadline and with a band of volunteers and donations brought 12 flats back into use in time for Christmas. See link Here.

We wish you all a happy Christmas. Blog will be open during the holidays

“ There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” -John Holmes

“I took this job because I wanted to deal with housing.I’m passionate about giving people a roof over their head” -Minister Alan Kelly

Here are a list of other agencies and charities active in the provision of services for Homelessness:

Donate at: 

Peter McVerry Trust: http://www.pmvtrust.ie/

SVP: http://www.svp.ie/Home.aspx

Capuchin Day Centre: click here

Focus Ireland: https://www.focusireland.ie/

Threshold : http://www.threshold.ie/donate/

Simon Communities http://www.simon.ie/MobileSplash.aspx

Extract from Peter McVerry Trust website:

…Pat Doyle CEO of Peter McVerry Trust said “Unfortunately, this year has been even busier than 2014 and we now expect to work with 7,500 participants across our services during 2015. That will be a 68% increase in a single year and it will be more than double the 2013 figure.”

“Responding to these needs has placed a huge strain on our resources as well as our ability to respond and offer additional supports to those in need. This winter, for the first time in the organisation’s history, we may not have the financial resources needed to respond quickly to the emergency needs of people in homelessness. This simply underlines the scale of the challenge we are attempting to tackle.”

For more information please log on to https://www.pmvtrust.ie/

For full Annual Report 2014 – Peter Mc Verry Trust click Here.

Extracts off report:

Summary of Peter McVerry Trust’s 2014 Annual Report

  • In 2014 Peter McVerry Trust worked with almost 4,460 participants across its services.
  • The charity recorded a 24% increase in the number of participants worked with a cross the various services.
  • The number of people provided with emergency accommodation was up by 34% (2,038 placements)
  • The charity added 131 new homeless beds in Dublin & Kildare in 2014.
  • 1,057 individuals accessed the Open Access Service where Fr Peter McVerry is based.
  • The charity had 136 housing units scattered across Dublin by the end of 2014 and has plans in place to reach 200 units by the end of 2016.
  • The number of participants supported in housing was up 168% (267 people)
  • The charity made 5,000 home visits through its Housing With Supports service.
  • 80 people accessed Peter McVerry Trust’s Residential Community Detox in 2014 which offers methadone detox and a cannabis cessation programme.
  • Over 100 people accessed the new Stabilisation Service in Swords in 2014, the first full year of the new service, which covers the North Dublin Task Force area.
  • In March 2014 the charity opened its fourth U18 residential accommodation service for children out of home.


  • The cost of running Peter McVerry Trust’s services in 2014 stood at €10.6 million.
  • The charity raised €3.8 million in public donations in 2014 and received €6.8 million from the State.
  • The charity estimates that the budget for 2015 will exceed €13 million and has launched a Christmas Fundraising Appeal to raise €1 million to cope with the extra demand placed on its services in 2015.

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