Happy New Year | General Election 2016


Happy New Year to all of our readers. The BRegs Blog had over 200,000 unique views during 2015 and there is no sign of this level of interest waning in the immediate future. If anything interest in the blog has grown in the closing months of last year as the mainstream media began to lap up anything to do with the housing crisis, the recent high profile building  failures and growing concerns about repeating the mistakes of the Celtic tiger housing boom.

The continuing housing crisis is likely to be a major issue, if not the main issue, in the forthcoming General Election in the Republic of Ireland that will be called within the next three months. In two months time, on 1st March 2016, the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations SI.9 will be two years old.

The BRegs Blog intends to contact all of the main political parties in the coming weeks to identify their policies, if any, in relation to Building Control and how they might deal with the failed legislation of SI.9:2014. If BRegs Blog readers have any specific questions in relation to the legislation or policies that they would like clarified please submit questions on the contact form below on or before Monday 11th January 2016. We will circulate all responses received.

[contact-form to=’bregsforum@gmail.com ‘ subject=’GE16′][contact-field label=’Question for GE16 Political Parties’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

We trust that you will continue to support the BRegs Blog in the coming year which is greatly appreciated by all involved.

BRegs Blog Admin. Team

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