Conditions perfect for curtailment of house building – including BC(A)R Costs | Independent

Mark Keenan

Mark Keenan, Journalist – Independent

“It could be argued that the Irish State has somehow managed these last few years to create the perfect conditions for the almost complete curtailment of new home construction in almost all areas. The curtailment of new home construction is now causing rampant house price inflation all over the country.”

Interestingly while explaining the inflationary and lending pressures Mark Keenan points the finger at Building Control:

“Following one of the biggest property crashes in history after which 60% or more, was knocked off the value of homes, we have also introduced comprehensive building regulations which added €30,000 to the cost of building a home here.”

The above extracts are from an article by Mark Keenan in last Saturday’s Independent  titled ‘How Much Is Your House Worth? 2016’ (Link here:) . This is an up-to-the-minute price guide which values all Irish homes but also features the views of 70-plus property professionals on 64 local markets. It shows that the housing shortage is now causing rampant house price inflation all over the country. It has been an inflationary factor in Dublin these last three years, but today through this nationwide survey, we learn just what a problem it’s become in regional towns where rents are now soaring at rates comparable to those in the capital. Now young families in regional towns can’t get houses because they’re competing with Dubliners.

Almost every town is now experiencing a shortage.

“What this means is that we will now require yet another few years of property price inflation for that ground to be made up – to make viable the better homes we are currently not building………….All of the above is why our survey shows how Dublin based families are now heading as far afield as South Kildare and even Monaghan in search of a roof over their heads.”

‘How Much Is Your House Worth? 2016’ (Link here:) .


1 thought on “Conditions perfect for curtailment of house building – including BC(A)R Costs | Independent

  1. Michael O'Neill

    I have argued against the Building Regulations imposed system of Assigned and Design Certifiers because it is arbitrary and unreasonable and impose an unfair, insupportable and unjustifiable transfer of liability from the developer and contractor to the Certifiers.

    It is clear that this disgraceful state of affairs is intentional, with the twin aims of protecting Builders and Developers and of crippling the building industry and taking out its most senior professional players (if they act as Certifiers).

    Instead of competent professionals certifying to a reasonable standard and Builders and Developers being made liable for the built work, this charade is continuing with risk assessor companies springing into being who will sign Certificates as part of a paper trail masquerading as a good level of assurance to the public.

    Do these companies not realize that Certifiers can only be persons, not companies, and that these persons are personally liable? They are also the only people who will be sued, in fact the only ones who can be sued according to several opinions in the public domain.

    No professional wary of losing his ability to practice should sign these disastrous certificates. That is just common sense under the current draconian system of risk transfer.

    But never think that these regulations alone are the cause of the current shortfall in new dwellings coming online. Its not the 30,000 additional cost, which equates to around 10% extra or less on Dublin homes prices.

    Developers who made huge losses in the Crash are now intending to milk every site they own for all its worth. They are not intending to offer value. They will screw the home-buye like they have screwed them before.

    Nothing changes.


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