BRegs Weekly 6 | Edition 55

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12 February 2016 – BRegs Weekly 6 – Edition 55

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Weekly BRegs Weekly for 2016: edition 55 of BRegs Weekly is out now. put the record straight this week on misleading claims by government politicians concerning social housing output in 2015. According to official figures just 246 social housing completions were confirmed in the first three quarters of 2015. Meanwhile the Irish Times confirmed that there were 43,500 people in social housing need in Dublin alone. An article in the Dublin Inquirer examined minimum apartment standards introduced in December 2015 and posed questions as to whether they will have any positive effects on the housing crisis.

This week we continue the new section “Top Posts” looking back at some of the big issues that are still relevant.

The BRegs Weekly e-zine gathers all recent social media discussions relating to Building Control Regulations into one weekly digest. It is published every Friday and gives a round-up of news highlights for the week. Publication was delayed for this edition due to IT issues.

We recommend signing up for an automatic subscription to keep up with the discussion surrounding the current annual review of the BC(A)R, and more recent media articles and stories about building control and the impacts on the consumer and construction industry.

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