BRegs Weekly 10 | Edition 59

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01 April 2016 – BRegs Weekly 10 – Edition 59

Welcome to the tenth edition of the Weekly BRegs Weekly for 2016: edition 59 of BRegs Weekly is out now.

This week saw the announcement that Dublin City Council temporary homes for homeless families in Ballymun will be available for occupation in May, some 5 months later than originally anticipated by the Department of the Environment. Questions surround delays, procurement and costs, which are a multiple of asking prices for similar permanent homes in the area.

The glacial pace of Department of Environment construction sector reform was was noted when it was revealed that a review group set up last November to address the problem of pyrite in homes has yet to begin its work, despite having a deadline of reporting by the end of May. Construction law specialist Deirdre Ní Fhloinn explored a recent legal case that sheds light on onerous liabilities for professionals certifying compliance under BCAR.

Vulture funds, repossessions, rental shortages and escalating homeless levels continue to occupy the media. With little or no urgency apparent in Government Departments, many commentators consider that fresh new thinking is needed to solve the current residential issues.

The BRegs Weekly e-zine gathers all recent social media discussions relating to Building Control Regulations into one weekly digest. It is published every Friday and gives a round-up of news highlights for the week. Publication was delayed for this edition due to IT issues.

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