Is a ‘Big Bang’ needed to solve the housing crisis?


11 May 2016

The Master of the High Court, Edmund Honohan, speaking to the new Dáil Committee on Homelessness and Housing established to tackle the ongoing housing crisis, said a “big bang” was needed to address the problem. In his address he said he was concerned history could be repeated if Councils sought to source accommodation too quickly (see article here).

The Committee on Homelessness and Housing have asked for public submissions on the housing crisis and is particularly interested in identifying obstacles to housing supply and recommendations on  how to improve and alleviate the current crisis (see link here).

The deadline for submissions to the Committee is later today Wednesday 11th May at 5pm. Below is the text of the request for submissions. 

Please email in a pdf and word version of your ‘Big Bang’ solution to the BRegs Blog team as it is intended to publish a selection of these public submissions in the coming weeks. 



 The Committee on Housing and Homelessness (the Committee), Chaired by Mr John Curran, T.D., is seeking written submissions from interested individuals and groups in respect of Housing and Homelessness, with a particular emphasis on –

  • how the obstacles that are currently impeding progress on this issue can be surmounted
  • the specific actions that need to be taken to achieve urgent implementation of measures to address the problems involved.

Written submissions should be sent electronically by email (PDF / MS Word or equivalent) and received by Mr Tom Sheridan, Principal Clerk, Committee on Housing and Homelessness, at not later than 5.00 p.m. on Wednesday 11 May 2016. 

Written submissions should consist of –

(a) a Covering Letter, dated and signed, containing your name and contact details (phone number, postal address and email address). If the submission is on behalf of an organisation, you should indicate your position in the organisation, and include contact details of the organisation.

(b) a Main Document, presented as concisely as possible, containing the following information:

(i) A brief introduction, for example, explaining your area of expertise;

(ii) Any factual information that you have to offer from which the Committee might be able to draw conclusions, or which could be put to other parties for their reactions;

(iii) Any recommendations for action by the Government or others which you would like the Committee to consider. Such recommendations should be as specific as possible and should be summarised at the end of the document; and

(iv) An executive summary (1 page maximum) of the main points made in the submission, if your document is more than 4 pages long.

Submissions should be sent only to the email address above and not to individual members of the Committee. The Clerk to the Committee will ensure that members of the Committee will receive, in due course, copies of all submissions received.

Submissions that do not comply with the above requirements may not be accepted by the Committee. 

The Committee will consider all submissions in Private Session or in Public Session (at its discretion). The Committee will not disclose details of its considerations in Private Session. The Committee is not obliged to discuss your submission with you.

The Committee, at its discretion, will invite a number of witnesses to address it. The Committee reserves the right to invite the authors of certain submissions, as it so decides, but also to invite other witnesses on its own initiative. The Committee also reserves the right not to discuss its reasons for inviting or not inviting any given witnesses to address it.

The Committee may, at its discretion, publish any submission it receives (but is not obliged to do so) either as part of a Committee Report or separately. All submissions shall be liable to be published unless the author of the submission clearly indicates that it should be treated as confidential and not for publication. 

A more detailed document (Ms Word version) outlining the guidelines for making a written submission is available at the following link:-–Making-Submissions-and-Presentations-to-Oireachtas-Committees.doc 


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