Fire Trap Home Buyers Beware | Still No Consumer Remedy

Firetrap Homes

Mick Clifford – Journalist

The BRegs Blog intends to devote this week’s posts to the area of consumer protection, or lack thereof in Ireland, for house purchasers. It is expected that a documentary, to be broadcast on TV3 tonight (Monday 16 May 2016), will expose the major shortcomings in legislation when problems occur. This is the first in a four part series over the coming four weeks. Links to programme and panel discussion below:

3player | Firetrap Homes

3player | Tonight with Vincent Browne

Many lives have been ruined by poor quality housing constructed in Ireland in the past 20 years with major failings such as Dublin’s Priory Hall and Longboat Quay, Newbridge’s Millfield Manor and more recently Dundalk’s Ath Leathan. These failures have highlighted the lack of effective legal remedies under Irish law in respect of building defects for the people living in these developments.

Journalist Mick Clifford investigates questionable building practices during the Celtic Tiger period, looking at fire safety and the standard of construction of housing and examining how seriously the authorities are taking the situation. The BRegs Blog will follow this broadcast with an examination on whether the situation is any better for consumers in 2016.

Areas to be examined include:

  • The U.K. situation and the Parliamentary debate on its failed private inspector system
  • An apartment owner’s account of his experience
  • Practical steps for the consumer in gaining redress

The ‘Firetrap Homes’ programme will be broadcast at 9 pm tonight (16 May 2016) on TV3 and includes a series of interviews with a broad range of industry professionals including several who have contributed posts to this blog.

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