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08 July 2016 – BRegs Weekly 21- edition 71

Welcome to the latest Weekly BRegs Weekly for 2016: edition 71 of BRegs Weekly is out now.

Continued sluggish residential output and low state social housing figures were highlighted in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council’s “Private and Public Housing Report” published this week and gives reader’s a useful snapshot of Dublin’s most active and expensive borough  (see DlrCoCo Housing Report). 

The report notes a ‘…target’ to deliver 3,300+ units per annum but exponential growth in the number of completions from a low baseline of only 651 completions in 2015 is not forecast”.  The negligible impact of recent government policy is highlighted, “To-date here has been no uptake…” of the Development Contribution Rebate Scheme 2015.  This suggests that privately developed housing estates will contain houses priced above €300,000.  The average purchase price of a three-bedroom house in the borough is €459,000 and the the average monthly rent is €2,291.

An Irish Times article confirmed that Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown has just 100 social homes currently under or ready for construction which will be delivered by the end of 2017.  The Council’s target under the Social Housing Strategy 2015-2017 is 681 social housing units (more than total 2015 output in the borough).  Not good news for the 5,700+ people on the Local Authority housing list.  It is estimated that zoned residential land (serviced & unserviced) has the potential for 33,600 units in South Dublin. 

Elsewhere in other news Minister Simon Coveney is examining further policy measures to  improve supply and affordability including ‘streamlining’ the planning process for schemes of over 150 units.

This week saw a Dáil debate on construction costs and BRegs Blog published the 4th in a series of useful ‘Factcheck’ posts.  The Central Statistics Office (CSO) confirmed figures for Q1 2016 that planning permissions for apartments are down 20% on same period last year, one of the lowest on record.

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