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23 August 2016

Mason Hayes & Curran Solicitors have published advice for hotel owners and designers about new regulations that apply to new and existing hotels from August 2016. (see link Here).  It seems that the 2014 & 2015 Building Control Amendment Regulations have been overlooked in drafting the new Regulations with a doubling up on paperwork for Building Regulation compliance AND “an architect or engineers certificate of compliance” with fire safety regulations. MHC advise:

“The Registration and Renewal of Registration Regulations for Hotels 2016, came into force on 1 August 2016. These long awaited regulations will have positive consequences for hoteliers. The headline change is a reduction in the minimum bedroom size to 14 sq. meters.”

Fáilte Ireland has a statutory role in periodically revising the minimum standards for the regulation and registration of hotels in accordance with the Tourist Traffic Acts. These regulations were last revised by Fáilte Ireland in 2003 and have now been updated. The new minimum standards should assist hoteliers in developing and running more efficient hotels, particularly regarding bedroom size.

Guest Room Size

The revised guest room size is now 14 sq. meters (double room) and 18 sq. meters (triple room). This represents a reduction by 25% in the previous minimum requirements for room size. The shortage of hotel beds for tourists is one of the main reasons for the revision of the hotel regulations. The 2016 Regulations brings the Irish hotel room size in line with international norms.

Food and Drink

Regulations relating to the provision and service to guests of food and drink have also been revised. The previous mandatory condition that premises be capable of supplying dinner to its guests has been removed. Instead the business should be capable of providing food and drink to its guests. This change is designed to facilitate and encourage new accommodation products on the market to avail of Fáilte Ireland registration”

BRegs Blog readers will be intrigued by the requirements for ‘Material Alterations’ in existing buildings. The new Regulations restates that “where building work has been carried out on the premises since 1 June 1992, which affects a material alteration or material change to the use of the premises, a local authority Fire Safety Certificate and an architect’s or engineer’s certificate of compliance with the fire safety provisions of the Building Regulations must be produced on an initial application for registration with Failte Ireland…” and continues “Where a material alteration or material change of use occurs after the initial registration, these documents must be returned with the renewal form due by the next renewal date following the material alteration or material change of use“.

A PDF of the 2016 Hotel Regulations are available from the Irish Hotel Federation Here.

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  1. Michael O'Neill

    They could not write BC(A)R so that it worked internally or conferred real benefits over self-certification.

    How likely is it that the civil service mandarins could write legislation that coordinates one S.I. with another?


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