BRegs Weekly | 2 September 2016

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2 September 2016 – BRegs Weekly 29 – Edition 79

Edition 79 of BRegs Weekly is out now.

This week’s paper has an international flavour with articles on building standards from UK, Italy and USA.

Following a tragic earthquake in Italy, a local prosecutor said the quake that killed at least 290 people may have been more than an unavoidable natural disaster.  Contractors who reinforced buildings “on the cheap” may have run up the death toll in central Italy’s devastating earthquake and could face criminal charges.  Officials have initiated an investigation into poor building practices and contractors responsible for shoddy work could be held responsible for contributing to the damage.

California senators have passed a new bill in the hopes of preventing a repeat of the Berkeley balcony collapse.   The Senate voted to make public the safety record of building firms and from now on they will have to report any crimes related to their work to the Contractors State License Board.  The change follows a campaign by the families of the Berkeley victims who say safety concerns were kept quiet about the company who built the balcony at the centre of the fatal collapse.

In London a court case into apartment building fire fatalities was seen as a “wake-up call’ highlighting the risks of not maintaining fire safety features in high rise residential buildings. “Living in a high rise building is not more dangerous than living in a house but this tragic incident is a stark reminder of the potentially lethal consequences of failing to maintain the vital safety features, such as fire doors, which are built into them to give you protection from fire…If they are not, housing providers, managers, landlords and building owners should all be warned that we will not hesitate to prosecute if we find they are putting people’s lives at risk.”

At home tenders published this week show the total number of proposed ‘Rapid’ housing units has increased from ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ housing plan target of 1,500. Tender documents show the ‘rapid delivery’ units will cost up to €235,000 to construct excluding vat, professional fees and site costs. Completed units in Ballymun have been widely criticised as being slow and more costly in comparison to conventional construction.  Proposed ‘rapid’ units on a Site in Drimnagh are expected to cost over €360,000 per unit including site cost, well in excess of the cost to purchase an existing permanent home locally.

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