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The following survey of its members was launched by the representative body for architects, the RIAI, on 4th November 2016.  The background to the survey was the subject of a previous post here.

RIAI Survey of member opinions on the registration of

Architectural Technologists

Dear Colleague,

Further to my email of Friday 4 November, the RIAI is today launching a survey designed to gather the opinions of all RIAI members on the potential role of the RIAI in the establishment of a Register of Architectural Technologists.

The closing date for receipt of responses to this survey is 12 noon on 24 November 2016.

Please note that any formal decision about the role to be taken by the RIAI will require a vote of the membership at General Meeting.

The survey is short, please complete it and contribute your opinions to this process.

With thanks, Yours Sincerely,

Carole Pollard
RIAI President






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1 thought on “RIAI SURVEY | Architectural Technologists’ Register

  1. Ciaran

    The survey is a joke, If Carole is interested in formatting a role within her Union for Arch Tech she needs do some research into our level 8 capabilities hold talks and establish one. Her weak leadership and deluded view of the construction sector is showing up nicely here. The riai may think it owns the rights to the construction sector in Ireland, but the truth is it doesn’t. Architecture is a level 8 degree so is Engineering, Surveying, Architectural technology and so on. All of these qualifications have their roles clearly defined in other countries, but not here. The riai have made sure of for a long time they used the Arch tech qualification to prop up their own aims whilst ensuring other Arch tech representatives could not feature. To think they are now sending out a survey to its members many of whom are in direct competition with Architectural Technologists, to decide their fate is quite funny. The Arch Tech Hons degree has already been recognised by the degree-awarding authorities approved by the Government of Ireland and built on the same platform as other international standards. Architectural technologists will have their recognised body outside the riai the CIAT and their role will be clearly outlined in the soon to be amended Again building Regs.


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