BRegs Weekly | 16 December 2016

16 December 2016 – BRegs Weekly 44- Edition 94

Edition 94 of BRegs Weekly is out now.

The BRegs Blog continued its examination of the role of Design Certifier in the Building Control Process.  Michael O’Neill MRIAI asked is is fair to lay all this on the shoulders of a single human being and should one certifier, acting in good faith, be held liable for the fault of others?  His opinion piece asks whether the current system of BC(A)R SI.9 certification gives any improved consumer protections in the event of defects becoming apparent post completion.

Housing again dominated headlines across the board and BRegs Blog has tabled local and international articles of interest.  Of particular note is a post by the London School of Economics “The paradox of Housing” where author Daniel Bentley explores the history and factors behind the UK’s current housing crisis, with many parallels to Ireland.  The author says “The more the state has withdrawn from housebuilding the more it has found itself propping up the private market. A key test of Theresa May’s government, which has identified the housing crisis as a priority, will be whether it finally recognises this for the self-defeating approach it is.”  

The Emergency services are warning people of the fire risks a Christmas tree can pose and have shown how a blaze can destroy a room in under 60 seconds.  The video posted is well worth watching and in it Dublin Fire Brigade show how a Christmas tree fire can destroy a room in just 46 seconds.

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