2016 BRegs Blog Christmas Charities Appeal

By BRegs Blog 23rd December 2016 

BRegs Blog Christmas Appeal

This year we renew our invitation to readers to make a donation to housing charities, see links below.  This is the third year we have asked readers to donate to homeless and housing charities.  Since our appeal last Christmas the plight of homelessness has deteriorated, with over 2470 children and 4,377 adults in temporary accommodation at time of writing.  Currently there are 198,358 dwellings vacant in the Ireland (CSO Census 2016)

We list a number of homelessness agencies and charities you might think to donate this Christmas.  Spare a moment to think of those less fortunate and donate to some of the great organisations tirelessly working on their behalf listed below.  Each statistic has a name and each family it’s own unique set of circumstances.

“Housing and Homelessness is the number one issue in the Programme for Government.  It is not tolerable that in Ireland today we have families and children living long term in emergency accommodation.”

  • Taoiseach Enda Kenny, September 2016

“As the Minister for Housing I have witnessed first-hand the number of people sleeping rough on our streets nationwide.  The plight of families caught up in the cycle of homelessness and being accommodated in commercial hotels is also a major concern for me.  Helping these people and families is my number one priority.”

  • Minister Simon Coveney, 22 September 2016.

We wish you all a happy Christmas.  Blog will be open during the holidays.  Here are a list of other agencies and charities active in the provision of services for Homelessness. Donate at: 

Peter McVerry Trusthttp://www.pmvtrust.ie/


Capuchin Day Centre: click here

Focus Irelandhttps://www.focusireland.ie/


Simon Communities: http://www.simon.ie/MobileSplash.aspx

Extract from Peter McVerry Trust website:

Pat Doyle, CEO at Peter McVerry Trust said “Rents have risen rapidly over the past number of years and there has been a clear and consistent link between rising rents and new cases of homelessness. The figures released by the RTB today which show Dublin rents are up 7.1% in the past year, are consistent with recent figures from the CSO and Daft.ie which show record rent increases.”

“Peter McVerry Trust is very concerned that continuing to allow the market to determine the cost of renting will only push more individuals and families into homelessness.”

“In December the first tenancies protected under the two year rent freeze will come up for review, meaning that landlords are free to increase thousands of rents in line with the market, a market which they control. If we are to avoid a major spike in rent prices and homelessness in December and into early 2017 then Minister Coveney must move to protect tenants now, and legislate to link rents to the consumer price index.”

For more information please log on to https://www.pmvtrust.ie/

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