BRegs Weekly | 27 January 2017

27 January 2017 – BRegs Weekly 47- Edition 97

Edition 97 of BRegs Weekly is out now.

The latest reported incidence of defects has been reported at an apartment block in the Beacon South Quarter in Sandyford was discussed in the Dáil this week.  Rogue developers who build defective homes “should never be allowed to build again”, Taoiseach Enda Kenny has told the Dáil an “…independent inspector should say when builders get it wrong that “that is not what they got permissions for, that is not the standard, and they must take it down and rebuild it”.  Mr Kenny said that if somebody signed off on a certificate saying a building was of a quality that it was not, “that person should pay the penalty as well”.  The Taoiseach told the Green Party TD that the issue and what should be done about it were a focus of the Minister for Housing.  He said a supervisory authority needed to be appointed independently or by the local authority that granted the planning permissions in the first place.

Despite the ongoing housing and homelessness crisis in the city, figures revealed by the local authority at this week’s meeting of Cork City Council showed that just 3 new units were built last year, a figure described as ‘disgraceful’.  Sinn Féin councillor Thomas Gould slammed central government for the state of social housing in Ireland.  He said the housing list is growing faster than the city can house people, “We still have more new applicants than we housed. We currently have 4,719 applicants on the housing list, and we built three houses.”   In December 2016, 34 people were housed by the city, but 47 new people came onto the list.

The cost of buying a home looks set to rise by an average of 7between now and the end of the year with even higher price increases predicted for Leinster, according to the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI).   A survey from the organisation predicts residential rents will also rise by an average of between 8- 10 outside the rent control areas of the four local authority areas of the Dublin Region and Cork City Council area.

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1 thought on “BRegs Weekly | 27 January 2017

  1. Michael Tweed

    In relation to “Rogues Builders should never be allowed to build again says Taoiseach”. The politicians’, including the Taoiseach’s, comments regarding “rogue” builders demonstrate that they understand absolutely NOTHING about the planning laws and building control laws which they themselves enacted. They are invariably completely muddled between planning laws and building control laws. They have absolutely zero understanding that the Building Regulations are in the form of non-technical statements, where compliance is a matter of interpretation, dependent on the standards of the day. Self-regulation of the technical interpretation of the Building Regulations (ie The Technical Guidance Documents) has unfortunately led to poor quality though either muddled interpretation of the technical details, or worse the absence of even trying to understand and interpret the technical details. With no independent oversight by Local Authority Building Control Officers with the statutory powers to immediately shut down defective work and have it redone as compliant work, ON EVERY SINGLE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT, there will never be proper enforcement of the Building Regulations. Better still interpretation by Local Authority Building Control Officers as to what constitutes technical compliance with the Building Regulations statements of intent would quickly create full understanding of The Technical Guidance Documents among everyone in the construction industry – architects, engineers AND BUILDERS!
    But what planet is Enda Kenny living on that he comes out with idiotic nonsense about appointing a Clerk of Works? The last Clerk of Works I came across was on a project in 1979!
    I don’t hear ANY politician, from any party, who understands why we need Local Authority Building Control similar to the UK and other developed countries. But despite all their guff and bluster there is simply no alternative if we want to improve building.
    (Passing comment on the housing emergency)
    As for sorting out the housing emergency (it’s way past a crisis at this stage) – that’s not going to happen for a long time yet! Whatever about the lack of action as the number of families and children at the lower end of the economic spectrum who are made homeless increases, when inward business investment starts to falter because of the lack of housing for the investment companies staff, watch how quickly the right wing ideologues move to solve the problem then!


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