Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) to be made mandatory

04 April 2017

The Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) was launched by the CIF three years ago with the promise that it would “try to distinguish legitimate construction companies/ sole traders from those who have given the industry a bad name”– see link here.

Then Minister Phil Hogan, said that CIRI would be a “critically important steps towards restoring public confidence in the construction industry”.

The Register is to be put on a statutory basis this year by Minister Simon Coveney. This is a very significant change for the construction industry and means that all builders and sub-contractors will have to be vetted by CIRI/ CIF and pay an annual charge of €600. There are currently 30+ categories of registration (e.g. house builder, plasterer, civil engineering contractor). Link to CIRI here:

Minister Simon Coveney has reaffirmed his commitment to see the Construction Industry Register Ireland put on a statutory footing in the coming months.  For full press-release see MINISTER COVENEY TO PUT CONSTRUCTION REGISTER (CIRI) ON STATUTORY FOOTING WITHIN WEEKS, extract:

Speaking at the CIF Cork Construction Annual Dinner last Friday, the Minister for Housing, Planning Community and Local Government, said that he expected legislation to introduce a mandatory register to be placed before the cabinet within weeks.

“I am committed to bringing a Memorandum for the Government to Cabinet shortly seeking approval to publish the General Scheme of a Building Control (Construction Industry Register Ireland) Bill and permission to commence drafting,” Minister Coveney said. “The purpose of the draft Bill will be to place the current voluntary Construction Industry Register Ireland on a statutory footing and thereby provide in law for the registration of builders, contractors and specialist sub-contractors. This is seen as an additional essential consumer protection measure giving consumers who engage a registered builder the assurance that they are dealing with a competent and compliant operator.”

“I see CIRI as an important and necessary step in restoring public confidence and trust in the Construction Sector given the legacy of the building failures that came in the wake of the construction-related economic collapse. It is an essential consumer protection measure that will give consumers who engage a registered builder the assurance that they are dealing with a competent and compliant operator.”

“With GDP continuing to grow at over 3% per annum and with over two million people in employment, as unemployment has already fallen below 7%, there is now every reason to be confident about the prospects for the economy and for the Construction Sector,” Minister Coveney added.

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1 thought on “Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) to be made mandatory

  1. Paul Lee

    I’m all for standards, but they should be a carrot not a stick: i.e. Independent organisations should be able to set up and administer standards just like the Passiv Haus or Bond Beter Leefmilieu initiatives. There should of course be legal minimum standards that such organisations would have to apply. But what we have in Ireland is a very poor maximum standard that ensures mediocrity. This is unfortunately what we’ve come to expect.

    BER is of little value (I know a picture framer that is a qualified BER certifier)
    Building Control measures are cumbersome, ineffective, expensive and time consuming.

    We’re expecting the same people to get this one right? If you believe that you fall into Einstein’s definition of insanity.

    Irish people don’t like paying for standards. We are only happy when we are being forced to pay for them. It doesn’t matter that those standards are so poorly administered that they don’t work. Architects Registration is largely an RIAI monopoly: Even the alternative route to Registration is administered by a group that can run things very poorly while only being contactable by email.

    Same story with the National Guild of Master Craftsmen- Whatever it started out as, it’s now just an expensive badge to help create the illusion of high standards.

    This will be yet another monopoly and a false “standard”


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