IATN Architectural Technology Register survey results

07 April 2017

The Irish Architectural Technology Network (IATN)  launched a survey earlier this year to gauge support and seek opinion for the establishment, administration and maintenance of a register.  There was a large response, 604 Architectural Technologists and 168 Architects took part. The results give an inside into the strong level of support for the creation of a statutory register for Architectural Technologists. From survey:

  • 50% of respondents have an 4-year honours degree in architectural technology or higher
  • 49% are not currently a member of a professional body (RIAI, CIAT, SCSI)
  • 91% support statutory registration of ATs
  • 42% want the registration body to be independent, 34% want CIAT and 17% RIAI

See full survey results here:

PDF: iatn-survey-results

From the IATN website:

The Irish Architectural Technology Network (IATN) was formed in 2017 to actively
promote discussion on the role of Architectural Technologists within the Irish Design and Construction Community. As a network, our aim is to uphold and promote the
interests of Architectural Technologists at a collective level. IATN aims to promote
the professionalisation of the role of Architectural Technologist, enhance career paths and remove barriers restricting the potential of Architectural Technologists within the wider architectural community.

The Irish Architectural Technologist Network (IATN), a group of independent Architectural Technologists recently issued a request for members of the Irish design and construction community to complete a survey to determine the current position nationally on:

  • Architectural Technologist Numbers
    Professional Membership Affiliations
  • Education Standards Achieved
  • Thoughts on Architectural Technologist Registration
  • The scope of work that Architectural Technologists are currently engaged in.

Further to completion of the survey and based on the initial findings, the IATN propose to host a forum and invite representation from the CIAT, RIAI and other independent, interested professionals and stakeholders. The forum will be conducted as a round table discussion with a view to determining a clear position regarding both Professional representation and Statutory Registration of Architectural Technologist under the most appropriate, existing or yet to be established, governing organisation.

Following these discussions, it is anticipated that an agenda can be established, for a larger forum, open to all Architectural Technologists, which will attempt to form a clear mandate for the preferred direction to be taken both at Industry and Government Level, in relation to Architectural Technologists in Ireland, led by a single representative body.

See survey results here:

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