ALERT | BCMS: Part B – Fire Safety

21st June 2017 

The following alert was issued by the Building Control Management System on 16th June 2017

To: All Registered users of BCMS

RE: Recent Events at Grenfell Tower, London relevant to Part B – Fire Safety

The very tragic events of this week at Grenfell Tower, London is a stark reminder to us that those involved in works to existing or new buildings need to remain vigilant in relation to compliance with the Building Regulations and in particular to Part B Fire Safety.

Technical Guidance Documents (Parts A – M) provide technical guidance on how to comply with the Regulations in practical terms e.g. Technical Guidance Document B 2006* contains guidance, compliance with which will, prima facie, indicate compliance with Part B.

While we respectfully await the outcome of the UK inquiry into the tragic fire, we draw your particular attention to the guidance in TGD B on external wall construction in relation to internal (B3) and external fire spread (B4), which also refers to other publications for further advice.

It should also be noted that, under the Part D of the Building Regulations (Materials and Workmanship), there is an overarching requirement that all works should be carried out using “proper materials…which are fit for the use for which they are intended and for the conditions in which they are to be used to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements as prescribed.

Where innovative products are used, third party certification, such as Agrément Certification is a means of demonstrating how products/ systems can meet the requirements of the Building Regulations, including Part B. Care should be taken to read the terms and conditions of such certification and ensure that the content of the certification is strictly adhered to during construction, in conjunction with the Fire Safety Certificate where relevant.

*It should be noted that Part B/ TGD B 2006, is currently under review and is being split into 2 volumes. Part B/TGD B – Fire Safety – Volume 2 – Dwelling Houses 2017 was published earlier this year and comes into effect on 1 July 2017. Volume 1 is being prepared for publication consultation.

3 thoughts on “ALERT | BCMS: Part B – Fire Safety

  1. Michael Tweed

    I got this message…….So the first reaction of the government to any concerns regarding the safety of the Irish building stock constructed in the past 25 years of self-assessed building control is a reminder to read and follow the Technical Guidance Documents. Wonderful! That’ll help!

  2. Firespotter

    Mr. Hollingsworth states that he remediated 29 buildings in recent times.
    It would be helpful to know exactly what was the extent of the remediation works in each case.
    Was it just fitting alarms or was it filling holes in the structure ?
    Were any of the buildings timber framed like Newbridge ?
    If so how were they remediated and what independent tests were relied on ?
    It turns out that some Kingspan products were used in Grenfell, have any of them been used in the remediation referred to ?
    Does Ireland have any externally combustible buildings, I see some with extensive cedar wood cladding ?Why do the new Part “B” Technical Guidance documents still display the glass fibre over the party wall fire stop that obviously failed in Newbridge and also fails in every semi-detached and terrace building fire.
    Why did the fire spread to and along the entire roofs of Newbridge in minutes ?
    It’s no wonder everyone in co-joined timber framed houses and flats is at SERIOUS risk in any fire.
    Grenfell happened in the dark of night, had it occurred 12 hours before or later, in the middle of the afternoon there would have been fewer casualties.
    Did nobody see the cause of the several Hotel Fires on Dubai, especially the one during the fireworks display on New Year’s Eve ? same as Grenfell but everyone was awake and escaped.
    Ireland will await an inevitable “Grenfell” disaster in a night time fire before anything is done.
    Where are there any comments from any of the so called Fire Safety Consultants and the EX-FIRE OFFICERS in particular ? What are their qualifications ? What have they “CERTIFIED” ? What have they got to say ? One has to wonder why the “experts” never appear above the parapet ???

  3. Firespotter

    The BCMS system is more of the same, it’s now a different form of the never was legal “self certification” process.
    Now the AC simply collects all the so called completion Certificates from all of the sub-contractors from the foundation concrete layer to the man that locks the door of the finished house while awaiting some unfortunate and innocent punter and their partner with Mortgage approval.
    The responsibility is to no-one as the “builders” disappear into the night protected by their “LTD” status or simply they are persons of “STRAW” with NO assets only the clothes on their back.
    The Assigned Certifier (AC) just collects the various paper Certificates into a bundle and sends them to the Corpo. Job done. Fat Fee.
    Don’t forget that WEETABIX is a builder and building is not about qualifications it’s about a day’s pay.
    How many, so called, builders have actually “served their time” and studied simple building construction ?


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